• The Woman Behind the Books

    Get to know our Founder & CEO

    St. Croix Valley Bookkeeping Owner, Brie Beebe

    This is where it all began

    Growing up in the breathtaking outdoors of the St. Croix Valley, Brie Beebe always knew this was home. Or should we say, her forever home. She feels honored that she can now proudly say she is raising her own four beautiful children with her wonderful husband of ten years, Tim, in the same great community she was born to love.


    Watching her mother manage and run her own super sticky and highly successful honey business inspired Brie on her road to entrepreneurship. She remembers working alongside as a young girl at the farmer's markets sharing her mother's passion with neighbors, friends, and visitors alike. Their eyes would shimmer with a spark of excitement - kind of like how her eyes light up when she looks at numbers. Yes, numbers are her jam.


    After teaching middle school for six years, Brie had to follow her heart back to things that mattered most and to a business that could give her everything she ever wanted. More time with the people she loves. So, she decided to put her skills in accounting to good use and start St. Croix Valley Bookkeeping. Here Brie helps others find more time with their friends and families by taking some of the work off their plate while she has more control of her own schedule to raise her kiddos and make every minute with them count.


    She loves caring for others, whether it's within the homestead or at work with small business owners - seeing the weight of their world get just a bit lighter with her help is why she loves what she does!

  • What St. Croix Valley Bookkeeping Values Most


    "Our clients always feel well taken care of - it's what makes us different from our competitors"

    - Brie Beebe, Founder & CEO
    Meet the St. Croix Valley Bookkeeping Family
  • Family Values

    We believe that strong business values are similar to family values, which promote open communication, integrity, and the importance of hard work. The Beebe family values serve as one of the core reasons our founder started St. Croix Valley Bookkeeping - so she could prioritize the people that matter most while ensuring top quality service to a smaller group of clients.


    St Croix Valley Bookkeeping is dedicated to saving you time and money by providing clarity and confidence in your financial management. By ensuring you understand the ins and outs of your spending habits, budgets, and tax preparedness, we give you the tools you need to make informed decisions.


    Just like with family values, we support you so you too can make time for the things you love - let us take care of the rest. Our promise to you is to provide personalized and efficient solutions that align with the core values of your business.

    Our Logo

    There's always a story behind a business's name and/or logo. Naming the business was somewhat easy even though it was Brie's insightful husband, Tim, that thought of it. Being a St. Croix Valley native who could never imagine raising her family anywhere else than the community she called home, it seemed fitting that one passion be named after another.


    Similarly, the St Croix Valley Bookkeeping logo resembles the four shades of blue that stare back at Brie across the breakfast table, playing together on the floor, and again at bedtime. Each wave of the river represents one of the Beebe children and like the river, our life's journey is fulfilled by the ebbs and flows of one another. A family that flows together, grows together; the same sentiment goes out to our clients. Are you ready to grow together?